Wall Panels

Squash & Racquetball Court Wall Panels  
Exclusive Fiberesin Technology ensures top
performance on Playcon Squash & Racquetball courts.

Squash Courts · Racquetball Courts

squash_panel_01.gifThe surface sheet consists of alpha cellulose overlay, infused with melamine resin which becomes transparent in molding. This exclusive layer resists abrasion, dents, dirt, stain and odor better than any other commonly used court surface.

The pattern sheet made of heavy cellulose fiber is impregnated with melamine resin. It reinforces the laminate surface and produces the permanent white appearance.

Multiple layers of high strength Kraft papers provide support and impact toughness, strength and impact resistance. A comparable build-up front and back is used for balance to ensure warp resistance, dimensional stability, and structural soundness.

The 1-1/8" headwall panel are 53 #/cf density. The 13/16" sidewall panels are 55 #/cf density cf.

Recommended Squash & Racquetball Panel Thickness
Side and Backwalls