Squash Conversions

Racquetball to Squash Conversions

Since a squash court is 8' shorter than a racquetball court, a conversion kit can be installed to convert a racquetball court to a quash court as the demand for squash increases. Playcon's conversion kits use tempered glass to allow full viewing and are installed in a fixed position. The racquetball to squash conversion kit causes minimal damage to the racquetball court when installed. Therefore, if required, in the future the conversion wall can be disassembled and the racquetball court can still be used.



Rolling glass backwalls

Movable backwalls are used to convert a racquetball court to a squash court in a matter of minutes with no special tools. They are available as a glass or a solid wall.

Playcon's rolling wall systems are specially designed to roll from a squash position to a racquetball position and not decrease the performance of the court. These walls are especially popular when the amount of room available for courts is in question. The use of a rolling wall allows you to have a squash court and a racquetball court in the same place. There is no need to build two separate courts, one for squash and one for racquetball.


 Above:  A Playcon rolling glass backwall in the squash position.


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