Court Renovations

Court Hardwood Floor Sanding
Playcon can sand your court floors and repaint the necessary gamelines. Floor sands don't just clean the floors making them appear new again, a floor sand will also give your floors the grip that they once had. Players will appreciate the ability to move faster and slid less thanks to Playcon's floor sands.
Remember that squash and racquetball court floors do not require any surface floor sealer or finish!
Court Wall Panel Relines
Tired of refinishing and painting your existing
squash/racquetball court walls?
Squash and Racquetball court walls have, for many years, been in need of constant repair. e.g. patching and painting. The patches may stay in place but the holes and cracks just continue to grow around them. No major paint manufacturer will guarantee their product to remain on court walls forever.
To solve the problem permanently, consider relining the walls with the Playcon Fiberesin panel system, backed by a manufacturer's 10-year warranty. If done properly, the courts will still meet World Squash Federation standards.
By using the Fiberesin court panels over the existing play surface, the walls are now maintenance free.
If your court looks like this:
Playcon can make them look like this: