Glass Fittings

Playcon Glass Wall Fittings

Playcon's custom glass fittings are high quality, high strength nylon pieces that can help strength a glass wall in your squash or racquetball court. They are small and cleanly shaped to prevent any annoyance for spectators and players.

If you already have a glass wall and would like to replace your existing fittings with Playcon's glass wall fittings, then we will gladly to do so. Many old fittings from companies that no longer exist are usually weak and poorly designed, whereas Playcon's glass fittings are state of the art in quality and design.

Playcon's fittings include, but aren't limited to, fin support angles, hinges, door stops, door keeps and latches, steel base fin angles, etc...Playcon also has custom made stainless bolts and t-nuts made to fasten the fittings to the glass wall.